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Elconciliolegal.com is owned and operated by El Concilio Hispano Media Group. A Nevada Corporation doing business from Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Hispanic population in Southern Nevada is estimated at nearly 800,000. The Casino/Hotel Industry in Southern Nevada continues to be the world’s best destination for entertainment with 65% of the labor force being Hispanic. The Hispanic Spending power is $21Billion annually and growing. Hispanic homeowners are now 56% and the Hispanic unemployment rate is under 5%. Hispanic owned businesses are on the rise and The Hispanic Political Clout is now at 27% of the Nevada Voters.



El Concilio Hispano has been active in the Hispanic community since 2003. We produce Radio La Voz De Nevada, a daily Latino Talk Radio program on Keno 1460 AM and Livestream on www.RadioLaVozDeNevada.com. On these programs we discuss community issues concerning the Hispanic population and we help brand businesses to grow in the community we serve.

We publish Nevada Hispanic Magazine twice per year. This quality publication is about the Hispanic community in Nevada and helps our clients reach more people while helping to provide a valuable and growing Hispanic media in the Hispanic population.

El Concilio Hispano

El Concilio Hispano organizes 2-community special events each year. At these events we recognize special people who are dedicated to helping Nevada become a better State and to assist families in need of some help. The events are the Annual Hispanic Lifetime Leadership Awards in May and the Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Awards Dinner in October.

El Concilio Hispano is a group of Professionals, Journalist and Community Leaders. We work with community-based organizations providing valuable information helping the Hispanic community stay well inform on issues related to our families and businesses.


Everyday people are hurt on the job or in a car related accident, or may need help with immigration law, or maybe accused of a crime, or a business owner needing legal advice, or another legal issues that requires an Attorney, ElConcilioLegal.com is a Hispanic website to assist the Bilingual and Spanish speaking community connect with a Professional Attorney for their legal needs. ElConcilioLegal.com helps Hispanic families to better understand about the Attorney and the area of the law practiced. Most importantly, people can better understand the Constitution of the United States, know the Bill of Rights and read legal advice on different topics by licensed, Attorneys in Nevada and Non-Profits legal agencies from different states. This is the Powerful Website for Legal knowledge and Legal Help.

El Concilio Legal

ElConcilioLegal.com is helping Attorneys become better branded in the Hispanic Community. This helps to grow confidence and cause more people to call their legal office. People can now immediately connect with the right attorney needed for their legal needs from their phone or computer. In a matter of time, more people will learn more about their legal rights. ElConcilioLegal.com is helping families everyday connect with the right Attorney for their legal Needs or with a Community Legal Service Provider. We are assisting non-profit legal services providers not only from Nevada but other states as well.


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